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Google acquires property for future potential data centers!

Site Telemark can confirm that Google has bought approx. 200 hectare of property at site Gromstul.

Skien is proud and happy to be chosen as the preferred location for Google’s first acquisition in Norway. Skien has a long tradition of being one of the most important industrial cities in Norway, and by this, Skien is also a city and region that propels the future of the digital Norway forward as a nation. Our history and geographic location, good infrastructure and access to skilled workforce have been important to Google’s choice. In the effort to facilitate new industry and business development, Skien municipality has emerged with credibility and reliability and such qualities are of vital importance for companies like Google.

We are very pleased with Google’s decision to buy a large estate in Skien and that it is likely to be invested in the basic infrastructure to make the site at Gromstul ready. We are well aware that Google has only purchased a property and at this time has not decided to build data center. Nevertheless, this gives Skien and the region an opportunity to become the first and largest hyperscale data center location in Norway» comments the mayor Hedda Foss Five. She further states that in this type of process, “Time to market” is crucial and the municipality has probably set the Norwegian record in efficient and responsive development and regulatory work. The Mayor wants to thank Statkraft/Skagerak Energi, the landowner Løvenskiold, The University of South-east Norway (USN) and regional authorities for the invaluable cooperation which has been crucial to getting to where we are today – a cooperation that will continue in the future.

Site Telemark is very pleased with today’s announcement. It’s been a couple of busy years, and today’s news indicates that we have a hectic period in front of us – because it is now the real work starts!

Summer 2018 at Site Gromstul. From left: County Mayor Sven Tore Løkslid (AP), landowner Leopold Løvenskiold, Mayor Skien Hedda Foss Five (AP), Minister of Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, CEO Statkraft Christian Rynning Tønnesen, group leader Skien Høyre (political party) Jan Terje Olsen.