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Gromstul in Skien is exempted for property taxes

Councilor in Skien proposes that the site being developed for data center at Gromstul in Skien is exempted for all property taxes. This comes after the general exemption for “machine tax” which was presented in the national budget agreement in November this year.

Councilor Ole Magnus Stensrud proposes that the area where a possible new data center will invest for billions of dollars can get to drop the property tax entirely. Together with the proposal for new property tax rules in Skien, a map of the area has been made Gromstul where the property tax rate is zero.

“We think it’s good that they can drop property tax, and it is also in line with that which is in the national budget”, says Jørn Inge Næss, a member of the Fremskrittspartiet.